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Convert a websiteHow does it work?
Convert any HTML website into Wordpress in seconds

How does it work?

You will be prompted to choose a content area and a sidebar location after entering your (or any other) website's URL. The content area is where you'll put your posts and pages, it is the site's primary focus. WordPress has a unique sidebar. In the dashboard, you'll be able to customize your sidebar, which will appear on every page and post. On your sidebar you can include links to recent posts, pages, recent comments, your Facebook like box,and other items. After you've made your choice, you'll be able to download your theme and get started right away.

What elements does it convert?
The HTML to WordPress converter takes your existing website's HTML, styles, layout, and graphics and changes them all into an amazing WordPress theme within seconds. Your website will look exactly like the HTML version, but you'll get all of the WordPress benefits.

Why would I want to use WordPress in the first place?
That is an excellent question. There are lots of reasons why WordPress powers nearly one hundred million websites, here we've listed some of them

- It's incredibly simple to use
WordPress has a similar interface to Microsoft Word for creating pages. You don't need any advanced HTML knowledge. Simply write up anything you want on your post/page, format it with the simple toolbar, and publish it.

-Customizable down to the last detail
Making your HTML website do anything fancy, unless you have significant coding skills, might be difficult. You'll spend hours trying to figure it out, and you'll probably end up with something that isn't even close to what you had in mind.

Over 55,000 custom plugins are available for WordPress. With the click of a mouse, these plugins can add, delete, or change anything on your site. If you want to change something about your website, there's definitely a WP plugin for that. Contact forms, social sharing buttons, Automatic SEO upgrades, and simple analytics trackers are just a few of the many plugins that can dramatically improve your website.

-Google favors WordPress
Because WordPress sites are so user-friendly, Google favors them a lot. Start the conversion process right now, and you might see a rise in your search engine rankings once you're done. Many of our previous customers have done so.

-An extra layer of protection
WordPress has a dedicated team of skilled coders working on its security. Set a strong password, and you'll never have to worry about basic security flaws harming your website again. With nearly 100 million websites using WordPress, the platform's security is critical.

-An interactive platform
WordPress includes built-in commenting, so if you post an outstanding comment and someone likes it, they'll answer via the comment form. Increasing the number of comments on your site improves its popularity and aids in search engine optimization.

What are the benefits of using this tool?
We've already demonstrated that WordPress is widely used. Many freelance web designers will offer to convert any website to WordPress because many people migrate to it. The issue with these freelancers is that they are extremely pricey; most would charge you upwards of $300 for a basic conversion.
The procedure has been completely automated. As a result, you can convert HTML to WordPress yourself by just making a few selections using this application, which works on autopilot.

Oh, and the code generated by the conversion is neat and concise. Because it's based on the latest web design standards, this code will load rapidly in all browsers.

So, what's going to happen?
Your website will load within a frame as soon as you enter your URL, and you'll be able to choose your content and sidebar areas. Then you'll be able to see a preview of your theme once you're done. If everything appears to be in order, you'll be able to download the theme in a .zip file right away. When you're finished, all you have to do is upload the .zip file to the "Upload Theme" area of WordPress, and you're ready to use it.

That's how simple it is
It's no surprise that WordPress has risen to such a high level of popularity. It's a breeze to create new posts and pages. Everything is controlled via a single dashboard, and the community that supports it is very welcoming to newcomers. Any query can be posted on the WordPress help forum, and you will receive an answer as well as a solution. WordPress creators are still working on expanding the platform, and one of the simplest ways to do so is to assist new users.

Although plain HTML is still used on many sites, it is quickly vanishing in favor of WordPress. There's no reason to continue with dinosaur technology when you can obtain something as cutting-edge as WordPress for free. You can check out everything WordPress has to offer over on

How to convert HTML to WordPress?
To begin the converting process, click the button below. In just a few minutes, you can enhance your (or any other) outdated HTML website!